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This is a very first selection of convertible tops for our online shop to start with. Visit our German website to see our whole range of about 500 convertible tops. All of them have been developed by our team during the last 20 years.
You’re not from the United States or Canada? Please contact us, too.

The top for your car is not on the list yet?

Contact us, we’ll draw an offer for you. Your message will be directly send to hello(AT)ck-cabrio(DOT)com. We try our best to answer all emails within 24 h!
We want you to be a part in the selection process for our product portfolio. That's why we call it {Y}OUR SELECTION. The more people are interested in a top which is not listed yet, the faster it will get on the list. Want to participate in our selection process? Get involved and contact us.

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We try our best to answer your email within 24 h!