Mercedes-Benz 190SL W121 B II 1955-1963

What is the first thing that comes to mind talking about the Mercedes-Benz 190SL in Germany? The "girl Rosemarie", the famous prostitute Rosemarie Nitribitt, who was well known for driving a black Mercedes 190SL, and later on was murdered.
In this connection: In 1986 I worked up the red leather seats from the original Nitribitt car quite elaborately, proven the registration document.
And further: The baroque and sporty design is simply sensational!
The small 300SL is in no way inferior to it’s big brother in terms of design language.

The designer, Friedrich Geiger (who also designed the "century sports car" 300SL "Gullwing", the W198 II Roadster, the "Pagoda" and the W107!), is in fact strangely unknown by his name. Perhaps he’s the one to deserve the title "Michelangelo of automotive design" the most, without belittling the services of Bertone, Michelotti, Frua, Pininfarina, Count Goertz ....!

Otherwise: Anyone who considers the car a sports car will be disappointed. The engine is in spite of the, yeah, for that time quite ordinary nominal power of 105 HP quite limp. The 190SL does not like sporty "corner scrubbing" at all. The gentle and elegant gliding is clearly his strength.

Product Portfolio

Mercedes-Benz 190SL W121 B II 1955-1963 Convertible Top

Original Line by CK-Cabrio

Complete with bow straps!

Standard color is black. You would like to order a color other than black? This may have a surcharge. Please contact us and ask for details.

Estimated delivery date: 2 - 3 weeks

Payment options: credit card, debit card & PayPal

Bulk-deals on request: Please contact us!

US $ 795.00

Free Shipping


Mercedes-Benz 190SL Cloth Toppings & Foam

Original Line by CK-Cabrio

Sonnenland(R)® cloth toppings with beige or black lining plus a full bottle upholstery foam for covering the convertible top bows: Please mention which colour do you prefer during the checkout process.

Standard color is black and beige.

Estimated delivery date: 1 week

Payment options: credit card, debit card & PayPal

Bulk-deals on request: Please contact us!

US $ 69.00

Free Shipping


You want to buy some German engineered awesomeness, but you’re not from the United States or Canada? Feel free to contact us, too.

Issues & Improvements

Optimized replacement for the Mercedes-Benz 190SL / ONLY by CK-Cabrio

The tailoring of the 190SL convertible top urgently needed an optimization that we invented twenty years ago and which has proven itself since then on every top mounted.

First of, the convertible tops of the 190SL are cut too short towards the B-pillar in the direction of the door's end. Typically, there is no tailor-made closure for the top with the original cut, or it often even rips out between the strap! We changed that so the top fits better and matches the natural line of the car as it was intended to be.
No too short tops anymore!

Profile: Optimized Original Line Convertible Top for Mercedes Benz 190SL in-house developed & handcrafted by CK-Cabrio

Second, we moved the sewn-in circular tensioning cable (completely invisible!) a little higher while keeping the original stitching of the convertible top. As far as possible it avoids the otherwise recurring and unnecessary derailing out of the aluminum guide bar. The re-tensioning afterwards is not required anymore.

Especially since the tensioning cable only has a limited load capacity and also likes to tear at the compression, or the casted tension fork breaks.

In addition, the following sentence applies: Not true to the original is worth nothing.

Rear view: Optimized Original Line Convertible Top for Mercedes Benz 190SL in-house developed & handcrafted by CK-Cabrio

Experiences and Impressions of the Mercedes-Benz 190SL convertible top installation

Mercedes-Benz 190SL convertible top gallery

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