Peugeot 204/304 Cabriolet 1967-1970 (204) 1971-1975 (304)

The convertible top of the Peugeot 204 and 304 is identical.
A modern, chic, economical and, above all, comfortable convertible for this time!
An epitome of French bohemianism and coolness on wheels!
The 304S, which was built from 1972-75, even came up with sporty driving, good braking and completely unproblematic driving characteristics.
The 204/304 of Peugeot is also such a car, which after a ride raises the question, in which the much-heralded automotive progress actually exists in relation to the currently offered models.

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Peugeot 204/304 Cabriolet Convertible Top

Original Line by CK-Cabrio

All ropes are worked in, the soft top is perforated fitting exactly.

Rear window RENOLIT FLEXGLAS™ in clear or green tint: Please mention which one do you prefer during the checkout process.

Standard color is black. You would like to order a color other than black? This may have a surcharge. Please contact us and ask for details.

Estimated delivery date: 3 - 4 weeks

Payment options: credit card, debit card & PayPal

Bulk-deals on request: Please contact us!

US $ 645.00

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You want to buy some German engineered awesomeness, but you’re not from the United States or Canada? Feel free to contact us, too.

Experiences and Impressions of the 204/304 convertible top installation

Peugeot 204/304 Cabriolet convertible top gallery

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