Tradition And Innovation

Hi everybody, my name is Clemens and I am the founder of CK-Cabrio.
CK-Cabrio has stood for tradition and quality since 1976. For two generations now, we have been manufacturing and assembling convertible tops for car enthusiasts in Europe and now all over the world.
Conservative and innovative at the same time.
Our softtops are optimized in function and characterized by excellent quality and design, a joy to all car enthusiasts. Convertible tops, boot covers, folding and vinyl roofs.

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CK-Cabrio goes international!

The story continues – and you can become part of it!
To learn more about us, feel free to browse through our timeline.


Early years

It started with the broken soft top of an Alfa Duetto Spider, well known from the movie “The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman.
Uwe, 22, a good friend of Clemens, 21, brought his “Graduate Spider” over so Clemens could assemble the new convertible top. Unfortunately, the ordered top didn’t fit. So what Clemens did was putting signs with measurements and corrections on it and returned it to the manufacturer.
6 weeks later the improved top came back and fit perfectly.


First own develpoment

Clemens created his first convertible top on his own. This time, for his own turquoise Alfa Duetto Graduate Spider. More Alfa Romeo's followed which was the reason he was called "Uncle Romeo" in his neighbourhood.



At the age of 26 Clemens founded the company Classic Car Deco to make his hobby a profession and to make some extra money for traveling.


Employee #1

The first professional installer was employed.
The next year the second employee was hired.


Sewing Team

To satisfy the growing demand, Alex was hired as a sewer. His wife Raisa (in the picture) and his sister Raisa also joined. This has been the sewing team of the company since then and has now over 20 years of experience in developing and sewing our convertible tops.



Classic Car Deco becomes CK-Cabrio!


Garage in Pohlheim

The production facility - which was nothing other than our family’s garage - was expanded by 120 m2. Besides our daily local business, we also started to sell convertible tops on ebay being the first one on ebay Germany.


Time for a bigger Place

Steady growth - bigger place! The company moved to a new production site nearby.



The intern marketing department creativeLABS was founded by Max Klein and Dariusz Zając to push CK-Cabrio to the next level. Not only to sell soft tops but to provide nice descriptions of many different types of convertibles and to share the passion with customers.

2010 - the information platform

After one year working 7 days a week, we launched an information portal for convertible tops. Click below to see our whole range of soft tops for over 400 different cabriolet types.

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2016 - the online shopping platform

A lot has happened since Clemens Klein started the softtop business and started living his passion as a profession in 1976. Not only with years of experience but also with innovative ideas, enthusiasm for cars and excellent skills he created a legacy that will go on.

Now the story continues - and you can become a part of it!

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