Why CK-Cabrio

Our Manifestation

Our philosophy is to not change constructions for the sake of altering, but to eliminate weak points or functional defects that only occur in many convertible tops after the warranty period has expired and the manufacturer's possible goodwill can no longer be claimed.
A design should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.
We always consider esthetic design.
Mostly, it is possible to modify a top in a way that it looks "more original than the original".
Let's say how it should have been in the beginning.

This is our flickr-photo search engine where you can find our self installed convertible tops.
All photos are taken by our in-house photo crew, have fun and enjoy!

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...a few more hard facts...

Status Quo Report 2024: CK-CABRIO estbl. 1983

About 500 different convertible tops for oldtimer as well as new models. Now also available international wide through our Online Shop. FREE shipping with DHL!

The company is still family owned, 100% independent and self-financed.

Over 30 years of experience from developing & manufacturing convertible tops to mounting.

More than 15,000 photos online. All photos are taken by our in-house-photography-crew. Enjoy the results on flickr or Instagram.

Strong multicultural and family based team. Located in the heart of Germany.

About 1,000 pages of information about convertible tops in German language. English translations have just started.

Share your passion &
stay passionate.

Dariusz Zając (2016), CK-Cabrio creativeLABS

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