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In the past 30 years me and my team have been working together with several professional installers or trim shops in Germany and Europe. Apart from mounting in our own facilities, it became a big part of our business. With full confidence we can say we developed long term trustful partnerships to fulfill the needs of both sides. The customer and the installer.

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Our Mission

We're building a global network with cabriolet lovers and soft top specialists to provide you with better products and faster service.

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Global network for cabriolet lovers

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Since we’re new on the US market, we are looking for trim shops or installers to cooperate with. Interested? See your benefits.

Make bulk orders & get a special deal

The more soft tops you order, the more money we save on each transaction. Just browse our product portfolio. If your car is missing, contact us. We'll draw an offer for you.

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You are mounting a CK-Cabrio top in your shop? Send us a photo and we make a repost.

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All convertibles have their oddities. Our library helps us to inform ourselves about the specialities of a certain installation. Especially with infrequent visitors. It’s just one of our use cases. You may find your own. See for yourself.

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Solution Center for technical support

You have an issue regarding installation of a specific top? We may solve it, together. Profit from over 30 years in the soft top business. Are you interested in how our Solution Center works? Get in contact with us.

Solution Center

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Connect with others (coming soon)

Make a post, upload photos, discuss topics. It's all about your business. Talk to potential customers or other installers around the globe at one place. Interested? Drop your email and you'll get an invitation as soon as our beta is online.

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Share your expertise,
stay independant &
get more customers.

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Something is missing? What’s on your heart? Feel free to ask us anything you want. Yeah, anything!
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Your questions may also help other curious and like-minded people. It's that simple. And how you may support us?

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