Mercedes-Benz SL W107 1971-1989

The Mercedes-Benz W107 SL had its debut in 1971 as the 350SL with the eight-cylinder engine and set a new design standard for the next models, which in this case lasted a whopping 18 years.
The designer, Friedrich Geiger (who also designed the "century sports car" 300SL "Gullwing", the Roadster W198 II, the 190SL and the "Pagoda"!), is strangely unknown by his name. Perhaps he deserves the title "Michelangelo of automotive design" the most, without belittling the services of Bertone, Michelotti, Frua, Pininfarina, Count Goertz ....!

The hood has completely taken over the design features of the previous model, the W113. New on the top were the three windows instead of one, which still allowed a "panoramic view" because of the narrow bars (for stabilization).

Those were times when the designers were careful that as a driver, you could still see everything from the car - without beep-beep and rear-view cameras ... etc.!

Product Portfolio

Mercedes-Benz SL W107 1971-1989 Convertible Top

CK-Cabrio Line

Recommendation! With ONE centered PVC-rear window. Please read more below!

Standard color is black. You would like to order a color other than black? This may have a surcharge. Please contact us and ask for details.

Estimated delivery date: 2 - 3 weeks

Payment options: credit card, debit card & PayPal

Bulk-deals on request: Please contact us!

US $ 795.00

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You want to buy some German engineered awesomeness, but you’re not from the United States or Canada? Feel free to contact us, too.

Issues & Improvements

In-house developed soft top with ONE centered rear window for the Mercedes-Benz SL W107 / ONLY by CK-Cabrio!

For customers who place less value on originality and give the functionality a higher status, we also offer a convertible top with ONE (slightly widened) centered PVC window!

In-house developed soft top with ONE centered rear window for the SL W107

What does not exist, cannot break!

Well known the side windows are the biggest weakness in terms of the life span of a W107 Convertible Top. So we did not implement them in the design.
It then follows the simple logic: What doesn’t exist, cannot break!

Rear view: CK-Cabrio Line soft top for the Mercedes-Benz SL W107

More functional and aesthetic! / CK-Cabrio Line soft top for the SL W107

From an aesthetic point of view, there is nothing wrong with it. On the contrary. The closed 107 is thus similar in appearance to the 113 Pagoda. We had to adjust the cut accordingly.

Profile: CK-Cabrio Line soft top for the Mercedes-Benz SL W107

Experiences and Impressions of the Mercedes-Benz SL W107 convertible top installation

Mercedes-Benz SL W107 convertible top gallery

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