Ferrari F430 Spider 2005-2009


The Ferrari F430 Spider is a continued evolution of the 360 Spider.
The car was built on the same chassis and the whole soft top construction of the improved follow-up model is identical to the previous model 360 Spider. The biggest change was made regarding the engine. The F430 engine (F136) was brand new and the first one that has continued into the 458 and California. A sharpened “rocket on wheels”! Even while standing, the Ferrari looks at least as fast as it actually is. The driver however shouldn’t be much taller than 6 feet, at least for driving.  But in case you are, you can still buy it and integrate it as a special piece of art into a relatively large living room. It also creates an atmosphere such as a DALI on the wall. And compared to a DALI, the Ferrari is a bargain! The sound of the engine: Here they are, the trumpets of Jericho of the Modern Era! Il voce da Commendatore!

Product Portfolio

Ferrari F430 Spider Convertible Top

Original Line by CK-Cabrio - with three improvements: replacement hood already with the molded parts/spring steel parts, and a lightly green tinted PVC rear window

Standard color is black. You would like to order a color other than black? This may have a surcharge. Please contact us and ask for details.

Estimated delivery date: 2 - 3 weeks

Payment options: credit card, debit card & PayPal

Bulk-deals on request: Please contact us!

US $ 3,119.00

Free Shipping


Ferrari F430 Spider Headliner

Original Line by CK-Cabrio: replacement headliner incl. transparent molded part

Original material - Alcantara-like stretch fabrics named Eliade of Rökona (D)                                                                                                                         
Estimated delivery date:
2 - 3 weeks

Payment options: credit card, debit card & PayPal

Bulk-deals on request: Please contact us!

US $ 1,029.00

Free Shipping


You want to buy some German engineered awesomeness, but you’re not from the United States or Canada? Feel free to contact us, too.

Issues & Improvements

Issue 1# / sharp bend behind b-pillar

The original Ferrari top produces a sharp bend about eight inches behind the B-pillar, right down to the fender - unnecessarily because of a small detail execution.

Improvement 1#

We have made a small modification that cannot be seen from the outside. Due to this improvement the problem doesn’t occur with the CK-Cabrio Original Line convertible top.

Issue 2# / regular steel parts

At some point, unlike the 360 Spider, the spring steel parts on both sides of the soft top have been replaced by regular steel parts. This can lead to unpleasant deformations or even serious damages in the fabric.

Improvement 2#

To solve the problem, we have reproduced these parts made out of V2A spring steel. We use these for all of our Ferrari 360/F430 convertible tops.

Issue 3# / elastic band failure

The folding of the middle roof bow contains another weakness. Elastic bands - sewn onto the top cloth and attached to the linkage - assure the folding of the roof bow. However, if the elastic wears out, the bow rotates incompletely or not at all during folding. The side part of the top cloth is then squeezed in two places which leaves holes. The headliner is affected, as well. As a countermeasure, the owner can only intervene manually - until the decision is made to replace the top cloth. If it has already been damaged, there’s no other solution anyway. We have also seen tilted, jammed or bent bows. Luckily, all of them could be straightened again when being removed.

issue f430
f430 issue
ferrari issue

Improvement 3#

For the CK-Cabrio Original Line we use high qualitiy elastic bands that are stronger and especially durable and robust.

Experiences and Impressions of the F430 Spider soft top installation

Mounting this top is challenging. Everything on this car is tight. Be aware! The setting and function of the frame must be 100% correct. Otherwise damages on the new soft top may occur.

Ferrari F430 Spider convertible top gallery

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