TVR Tamora 2002-2006

Light, strong, fast! This applies to all TVRs. TreVoR Wilkinson was the engineer who founded TVR in 1947.

Words fail me for the roller coaster capers concerning the management and the owners in recent years. It would be a pity if the company with these sharp roadsters in an avant-garde-cared Cobra style would close down.

The TVRs are "big toys for big boys". Drifting is much better than cruising. Every millimeter of the travel of the gas pedal is converted without much ado into propulsion. The horizon is closer than imagined, straights on country roads are simply sucked in. You sit quite homely in most TVRs, "tunneled" in well-contoured and padded seats. We award a 15 on the driving enjoyment scale to ten!

The TVR convertible tops, with the exception of the 3000S, which has a conventional convertible top frame, have been equipped with very similar Targa soft top constructions. However, in detail, they are different.

Although we have some patterns:
Because of the usual changes at the TVRs during the construction period of the respective model, etc., we only produce after presentation of the old soft top.

Product Portfolio

TVR Tamora 2002-2006 Convertible Top and Cover for Targa top

Original Line by CK-Cabrio

Rear window RENOLIT FLEXGLAS™ in clear or green tint: Please mention which one do you prefer during the checkout process.

Standard color is black. You would like to order a color other than black? This may have a surcharge. Please contact us and ask for details.

Estimated delivery date: 3 - 4 weeks

Payment options: credit card, debit card & PayPal

Bulk-deals on request: Please contact us!

US $ 839.00

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You want to buy some German engineered awesomeness, but you’re not from the United States or Canada? Feel free to contact us, too.

Experiences and Impressions of the TVR Tamora convertible top installation

TVR Tamora convertible top gallery

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